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Lost Ark – Getting Started in Trades

A recurring system in MMORPGs, professions are no exception to the rule in Lost Ark. The game has a system where every component is useful, regardless of harvest level and rarity. Let's take a closer look at how it all works.

New Invincible Shaq along with Dark Matter most cards published in NBA 2K22

Creator 2K Games has a lot of article for MyTeam enthusiasts, incorporating the all new Clutch Time Wheel device, the Unbeatable Shaq, and GO Give Hilltop

Lost Ark Guide: The main mechanics of the bosses of the abyss dungeons

The recently installed massive update 2.0 brought a new type of end-game content - "Dungeons of the Abyss." This article will only learn the basic mechanics of the bosses of almost every Abyss dungeon since most normal attacks can be dodged by carefully watching the red zones.

What hurdle perks reside in the all new period of NBA 2K22?

With the recognized start of "Absolutely no Gravity," NBA 2K has released brand new challenges and also prizes

Generate GO players using difficulties well before ruin of Period 4

The 4th season of 2K22 is involving an end soon; please do not overlook to get the finishing seriously package deal

2K Launches Newest Challenge Bonus as well as Deluxe Decks

NBA 2K22 brings the very first Holo obstacle to MyTEAM's Skill Difficulty Center. What are th

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