Are you feeling relieved to the issue

mmonice Date: Nov/22/13 13:09:07 Views: 79

It seems that the kind of the issue that whether it is secure when purchasing through the net, but the following discussion is mainly about that whether you would get your account banned because of rs gold buying.


The data is mainly from the discussion on the Yahoo answers. One of the members said like this, first off it's against the rules. If you buy from a bigger site you can expect Jagex to know who their characters are and be looking for the trades which would get you banned.


Then there's also the fact that most of those sites expect you to give them your password in order for them to deliver the goods. You give them your pass and you may never see your character or items again, or they may turn around and sell your items to someone else after delivery since they still have your passwords. If they do who are you going to complain to? This is illegal in the first place and you are participating in it.


In the meantime, there is neutral view like this, it depends, face to face is much safer than someone logging in, however, your trades might be watched by moderators if you already been warned, buying the gold is risky, there is a ten percent chance you might get caught. Give some gold to some noobies, since they make it harder for Jagex to catch you.