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mmonice Date: Nov/11/13 14:18:42 Views: 98

To help the fans of Runescape to require higher level, we now provide something about the game . It is my honor to introduce the details of runescape items to you.The following narration is mainly about the characteristics.


Graphic is a remarkable characteristic of the Runescape .All obtainable runescape items have graphics. There are four main types of graphics items may have. All items may be held in the inventory and therefore have inventory pictures. This inventory picture also appears in the Grand Exchange box and the equipment screen, albeit its outline and shadow may vary. The inventory picture is actually a 3D model, though it is only shown at one angle and has an outline and shadow added to it.


In the meantime, most textures, also, currently do not appear on inventory icons. Items may actually be seen in 3D when dropped on the ground, and will use the same model as their inventory icon. The third kind of item graphic is equipment that is equipped on the player, which is a 3-D model that is usually more detailed than the inventory/dropped appearance. This fourth appearance may be seen any time for any item you can take anywhere, by attempting to insert the item into the primed body bar slot in Elemental Workshop 3.


Besides, some items may have graphics for other situations, such as animations, or the player's head when talking . All of these graphics will usually look similar to each other, normally only varying in detail. Note that items shown on a Grand Exchange Database search page will have textures, even though they appear similar to their in-game inventory icons.