Details of the gloves you are bound to be ware of

mmonice Date: Nov/14/13 11:04:37 Views: 113

You are most likely heard about the gloves in the hot game runescape, but as more details, I would like to share it with you, which benefit for your getting higher level.


The gloves come in five different colours; grey, red, yellow, teal, and purple. These runescape gloves can be purchased in Canifis from Barker at his store, Barker's Haberdashery and are also dropped by Crawling hands. They give the same stats as leather gloves. However, unlike leather gloves, players cannot craft these gloves.


The yellow gloves are favoured due to the similarity in colour to gold, they are often called "gold gloves" and are sometimes bought for higher prices than the other colours. The teal gloves are also worn in conjunction with Rune armour because of the matching colours. The red gloves are also worn in conjunction with Dragon armour because of the matching colours. Many players also like to wear these gloves to match their Gold-trimmed armour, Gilded armour, or White/gold mystic robes.


Somewhat less commonly, the purple gloves are worn to match Ancient armour. Canifis gloves were not supposed to be tradeable in F2P worlds, but due to an error they were. When Jagex came to fix this error, they decided to keep them tradeable on F2P due to their growing popularity. They are often used as a sign of wealth for F2P players.