Enjoy Spending MapleStory Mesos in Game

mmonice Date: Mar/30/14 11:30:07 Views: 392

Maple Story is a classic and old game. It is like Runescape, the world most interesting and wonderful game, which had thousands of players. I think even no other game could make it down for its long time history and the great importance. But when you play it, make sure you have enough maplestory mesos, otherwise it will be very boring.

Gamers in SES playing Maple Story will be pleased to know that the online Maple World will be going through a few changes thanks to a new update. Called "The Return of the Forces", the update will feature new skill changes for the majority of the game's classes. These include the aran, the evan, the resistance, the explorer and the knights of Cygnus classes. The update will also include a revised version of the Ellin forest as well as three new bosses roaming in the game: Chow, Fairy Queen Epineah and Arkarium.

The first part, Legends: Cannon Shooter will be up for download on May 14. The patch features a new class called the Cannon Shooter that uses a hard-hitting ranged weapon that doesn't require bullets or any form of ammunition. The patch also features a new fourth tier for items, the quick move system which allows fast travel to NPCs in an area, the item re-purchase system, and the linked skill system where a particular skill can be used by all characters in the same game account.

The last part of the patch is called Legends: Demon Slayer and it's slated to be out this July. The update introduces the first dark Maple Story character class who can use warrior equipment and attacks enemies using demon fury-powered moves. Unlike mana, demon fury can only be refilled by attacking monsters and absorbing their force.

The publisher also hired Los Angeles-based family and marriage therapist Athena Carrillo Lee to deconstruct the psychology of player behavior in relation to in-game relationships.