How to Check if You Can Transfer a Server in "MapleStory"

mmonice Date: Jan/22/14 13:25:56 Views: 97

Every character in MaplyStory exsits on a server.Each server has a unique population of player,many of which are friends in real life.If u find that your friends have switched server,or u are looking to meet new people ,u can transfer your maplestory character from your current server to a new one .Character transfers cost five Tokens,a real-life value of about $25 as of 2011.



Level your character to at least 20. Characters under level 20 are not eligible to transfer.Send Mesos to your other characters on your home realm until you have less than one million. You can only bring a million Mesos with you when you transfer.Ensure that the realm to which you are transferring is not the newest "MapleStory" server. Characters cannot be transferred to brand new realms. Open "MapleStory" and log in to your account. On the server selection screen, new servers are marked with medal with the letter "N."

Annul any in-game marriages you may have. Married characters cannot transfer. Visit Moony in Amoria and tell him you would like to annul your marriage. This will cost you 500,000 Mesos.Check to ensure that you do not already have three characters on your target server. All players are limited to three characters per server. Select your target realm from the realm select list and verify that there is at least one empty character outline.

Promote another player to Guild Leader if you currently lead a guild. Guild Leaders cannot transfer until leadership has been passed down. Select the character you would like to promote from the Guild Interface and click "Guild Master."Check to see when your last character transfer occurred. Characters can only be transferred once every 30 days. Visit the "Nexon" website and click "Charge" at the top of the screen. Select "30 Days" on the activity drop-down to see all recent character transfers.

Tips & Warnings
If u have account actions stemming from abuse or rule violations,u may be ineligible for character transfer services.