How to enjoy yourself with Mesos in MapleStory

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Nexon has announced that Maple Story 2, a 3D version distinctly different, but related to, the original Maple Story is in the works. The announcement was made at this year's G-Star convention. A teaser site has launched with a 2014 launch date mentioned. Whether this is a worldwide release or Korean only is undetermined. We'll keep you posted as the story develops

maplestory mesos

According to an announcement made during the Maple Story 10th anniversary celebration held in South Korea on May 20 (via MMO Culture), the upcoming update will be called RED--and is an abbreviation for Revolution, Evolution and Delight. The patch will add balance changes and overhauls to the game's adventurer classes, as well as a Free Advancement system allowing players to advance to another class without restriction.

Maple Story players have gifted one another over two million dollars worth of virtual items like maplestory mesos in the past year, according to a press release from Nexon. Items given were purchased from the item shop and given to other players. As of November, over 800,000 of these items had been purchased and gifted.

Called "The Return of the Forces", the update will feature new skill changes for the majority of the game's classes. These include the aran, the evan, the resistance, the explorer and the knights of Cygnus classes. The update will also include a revised version of the Ellin forest as well as three new bosses roaming in the game: Chow, Fairy Queen Epineah and Arkarium.