How to Power Level in "MapleStory"

mmonice Date: Feb/14/14 11:16:44 Views: 113

In the online role-playing game MapleStory, higher levels can lead to stronger accessories and quest items.It also enables u to slay more powerful foes and partake in quests.Although leveling may require hours or days ,depending on a character's current level,dedication and strategy prove key in hastening the process.Also strike up friendships with other players,who can provide assistance in leveling in MapleStory.


Seek out higher-level friends to create a party. Although you may not be able to attack higher-level opponents, you can do so when grouped with higher-leveled party members. Stay on the fringes of battle, allowing other players defeat opponents if they can do so safely. Higher-level opponents award more experience points, leading to faster leveling for lower-level players.

Fight opponents on smaller map areas, where enemies tend to spawn more quickly than they do on larger maps. Areas with high monster concentrations lead to less wandering.Participate in events hosted by "MapleStory," such as "2x EXP" events. Killing opponents during such events doubles the amount of experience you would normally gain from that opponent, leading to faster leveling.

Talk to nonplayer characters, or NPCs, to initiate quests. Finishing quests can earn players money, items and experience points. Consider the character level required for each quest. Quests designed for higher-level players often award items, money and experience points in a larger amount.Participate in party quests, which usually require a total of five to six players. Party Quests are named after the city in which they are initiated. All players who participate can earn items, money and experience points.

Purchase a "2x Exp Card" from the "MapleStory" Cash Shop. Select "Cash Shop" at the bottom of the screen during game-play to enter the shop and make a purchase. Most Exp cards have a time limit, such as an hour, and only allow players to earn so many experience points. You must purchase additional Exp cards after the first card expires.