MapleStory Meso Explosion Guide

mmonice Date: Feb/12/14 11:15:23 Views: 130

High-level characters in “MapleStory” progress through a series of job advancements designed to provide them with specialized skills and abilities. The chief bandit advancement allows a thief to further enhance her damage through a series of dirty tricks. Most of a chief bandit’s skills revolve around gaining or using "mesos," the game’s currency. Meso explosion detonates mesos to damage foes.


Obtaining the Skill
Bandits who obtain level 70 must complete a series of quests to gain the chief bandit job advancement. This quest line begins in El Nath. A master thief, known as Arec, requests your assistance in dealing with the Dark Lord, whose malevolence now threatens the nearby lands. Defeating the Dark Lord leads to a second quest to solve five riddles that unlock the chief bandit advancement. Upon obtaining the chief bandit rank, you may place points into meso explosion.

Using Meso Explosion
Meso explosion allows you to detonate any bags of mesos that you drop on the map. This provides the opportunity to strike at enemies from afar by leading them into an area where you have dropped a large number of mesos. You should choose the number of mesos to drop from your inventory to set up the trap, and then select the skill from your list of available chief bandit abilities or keybindings to explode the mesos.

Meso Explosion Damage
The damage from meso explosion depends on the number of mesos dropped. The ability can detonate many bags of coins at one time. The level of your chief bandit’s meso explosion skill and the number of coins in each bag contribute to the amount of damage inflicted by each meso exploded. The game does not take distance from the explosion into account, so any monsters within the explosion’s overall range will sustain the same amount of damage.

Additional Information
Meso explosion does not work on mesos that you did not specifically place. This ensures that you cannot detonate unclaimed mesos or those belonging to other players. The meso mastery skill increases the damage from your meso explosion along with the number of mesos you typically gain when defeating foes. Meso explosion increases with damage for every meso included in your dropped bags, but the ratio of damage to meso tapers off as you increase the overall number of mesos.