Perhaps you can do something to the Runescape

mmonice Date: Nov/29/13 13:23:08 Views: 104

Recently, an activity named Runescape grabs the attention of the public. Well, please allow me to give you an introduction of the popular activity first.


In the very beginning, the well of goodwill will offer RuneScape play  across the world the chance to gift some of their in-game wealth to charity. Players will be able to donate in game items, gold or even RuneScape Bonds into the Well. For every 10 million gold pieces gifted by the community, Jagex will donate $1 to a number of charitable causes.


It is incredible that the response from the RuneScape community, and we want to thank each and every one of you who has donated so far. With over 330 billion gold donated and in excess of 6000 Bonds, the community total now stands at over $60,000 for charity!


Act as a massive gold sink for the game: something we promised with the launch of Bonds, and which will have a huge impact on improving the games economy.With just under a week remaining until the current well of goodwill charity drive closes, it's time to dig deep and go for one final push.


Even though the amount we're donating on your behalf is doubled, your personal total won't be affected. This means that the amount you need to donate to get the titles is the same, and the hiscores stay fair.