Reward in the Runescape

mmonice Date: Nov/03/13 10:06:24 Views: 91

It seems that if we receive reward in games ,so that we would behave better.Thus, the runescape golden hammer as a reward in Runescape has been given noticed recently.

The hammer can be wielded and used to train Smithing by using it on bars, Construction and Crafting, which allows the player an additional inventory slot, since a regular Hammer cannot be wielded. However, since the introduction of the Toolbelt in December 2011, the usefulness of the Golden hammer has gone down, since the regular hammer can be attached to the Toolbelt.

This item was released on 20 December 2010.The Golden hammer is a reward from using a golden cracker on another player.It has two right click options for emotes: Brandish and Spin. These are the years in which Jagex has won the Golden Joystick awards. New players prior to 31 August 2011 received the cracker in their bank and were greeted with a message explaining what the item celebrated, however a recent update has removed the message. New accounts may still retrieve the cracker from Diango.

The hammer can not be used at barbarian assault.The golden hammer weighs 0.9 kg, which is 0.7 kg more than the Golden cracker it came from, which it also appears far too large to fit inside.If a player loses their golden hammer it can be regained as a golden cracker by speaking to Diango near Draynor Village.