Runescape 2 becomes the focus of the update today

mmonice Date: Dec/04/13 14:30:00 Views: 97

As Runescape gradually popular nowadays, the origin of it equally grab the attention of the players who are curious about the runescape. In the meantime, as time goes by, the game has been adjusted in some extent.

Runescape 2, which is also known as Runescape, was released in March, 2004. And it has won the support of a large great number of fans. What’s more, Jagex announced additional intense changes and updates to the game coming at the final of 2012 and beginning of 2013.


The graphics are exactly different and presumably will change even further with the RuneScape. Eight new skills you will be required, including slayer, farming, construction, hunter, summoning, dungeoneering, and the rest two are unknown at present. Combat is now nothing like it was back then because of both the evolution of combat and all the different new types of equipments, weapons, spells, prayers, and potions released over the years. 140 new quests have been released and five have been removed.


Fortunately, stats and quest history of players' were copied over to RS2, which became known only as RuneScape to reflect its status as the main game, one last time. A few RuneScape 1 servers were also left online, which was usually named RuneScape Classic. Players were given the choice as to which game they wanted their items to be transferred to.