Seven Tips to Get to Roids Mini-Dungeon in MapleStory

mmonice Date: Feb/26/14 10:44:12 Views: 398

Mini-dungeons are areas in the massive multiplayer online role-playing game "MapleStory" where players can go either alone or with other party members to fight monsters. What sets these dungeons apart from other areas in the game is that once players enter it, they will not encounter any other players. Each mini-dungeon has a 2-hour time limit during which players can battle foes for experience and rewards without the fear of other players interfering or taking any of their loot. One of the mini-dungeons in Magatia has lots of the enemies known as Roids to battle.


1.Go to Six Path Crossway in the middle of Victoria Continent and climb up the rope that is hanging from the tree. Once you get to the top, enter the middle portal, on the left of the screen, and then click the man standing in front of the airship. Answer "Yes" when he asks if you want to go to Ereve. The cost is 1,000 mesos and the journey takes two minutes; a counter at the top of the screen shows how much time is left before you arrive.

2.Click Kiru the station guide once you arrive in Ereve. He's the character in blue standing next to the station guide who brought you to Ereve. Answer "Yes" when he asks if you want to travel to Orbis. If your level is under 30, you will get a lecture from him about the dangers there. The cost to get to Orbis is 1,000 mesos, and the journey takes eight minutes.

3.Take the teleporter on the left to reach the next area, and then click Isa the station guide. She's standing just left of the teleporter where you enter the area. Click "Platform To Ride Genie To Ariant," and then click "Yes."

4.Walk to the right and speak to the man standing next to the giant blue genie. Answer "Yes" when he asks if you want to take the flight. Wait for the genie to take you to Ariant; you can't do anything except walk around while the genie is in the air.

5.Enter the portal on your left once the genie flight is over, and you will be in the town. Walk right until you reach the elephant, and then enter the portal right next to it. Click the camel and answer "Yes" when asked if you want to ride to Magatia. The cost is 1,500 mesos. You will instantly arrive in Magatia.

6.Walk to the far right of the town and enter the Alcadno Research Institute -- the huge building with the golden bell and pressure valves on top of it. Once inside, walk right and enter the glowing doorway of the machine in the middle of the room.

7.Walk left, take the portal, and then take the next portal in the middle of the room. Press "W" to open your map. Your location should display as "Lab Area C-1." Enter the portal in this area, and you'll be inside a Roid-filled mini-dungeon titled "The Fatal Error." A timer at the top of the screen will show you how much time you have left inside the dungeon.