Sharing the mining experience with the fans of the runescape

mmonice Date: Nov/16/13 10:43:16 Views: 67

If you paid much attention on our news before, you must have noticed that we have mentioned more tips of the runescape. Now, we would like to share the news of mining skills of the game with you.


Due to the limit of the lengthen of the article, the following narration of runescape mining skills mainly apply to the players who owns the levels from 15 to 65. Mining iron is the fastest mining experience up until approximately level 65, ranging from between 35k to 38k per hour for most. Using a Rune Pickaxe at Level 56 Mining, you should get around 30k experience mining at the Piscatoris mining site.


Actually, two locations exist in RuneScape that have three iron rocks arranged so that they can be mined only by turning. These are the Legends' Guild mining site and the Piscatoris mining site.


On the one hand, training with iron or coal is to use the wicked hood in conjunction with any ardougne cloak to teleport to the monastery south of Ardougne, run north to the iron rocks to the sides of the path, fill your inventory and then use the hood to teleport to the Wizards' tower, bank in the chest there, teleport back to the monastery using the cloak and repeat.


On the other hand, you can mine iron ore then sell it to Mistag for 13 coins per ore. This is especially quick because selling the ores is a 3 box dialogue. Remember to bring a Lightsource and tinderbox. Or you can bank if you complete the first part of Recipe for Disaster by just following Mistag, squeeze through the wall, bank, go back, follow Mistag and repeat, although that is considerably slower.