Tricks For "MapleStory"

mmonice Date: Jan/23/14 10:38:40 Views: 110

An expensive multi-player online game,"MapleStory"allows players to explore the fictional land of Maple World ,fighting monsters and attempting to improve their characters 'skills and abilities.Players adopt the roles of special classes, like thieves,magicians and warriors,and can join other online gamers to form groups.Whether venturing solo or cooperating with others,knowing a few tricks can help develop your character and enhance game play.


Screen Flip
While not much benefit for game play,this simple trick can flip your screen upside down.During game play,press"Ctrl,""Alt" and the down arrow all at the same time, and you'll flip the screen. To turn the screen back to the correct position, press "Ctrl," "Alt" and the up arrow together. For another keyboard trick, press "Alt" and "Tab" to minimize the game.

Easy Experience
To earn some easy experience points so you can level up faster, start out with three snails, 1000 red snail shells and a beginner skill. Take the boat to Orbis and then get on a train to Ludibrium. This part requires you to have a high-leveled friend who can defeat Vikings escort you to the Warped Path of Time IV. Once you've hidden in a safe location, have your friend lure Vikings into battle. Use your snails on the Vikings. When your friend kills the snailed Vikings, you'll gain 900 experience points.

Fast Healing
If you find yourself training in the Dragon Forest at Leafre, enter Dragon Tomb 1 to discover a quick healing trick. Once inside the tomb, turn left and you'll see a stone stuck in the wall with a dragon carved into its face. Wait for the dragon picture to light up and stand under the stone. You'll magically recover 100 percent of your hit points.

Nella's Quest
Once you've achieved a level between 15 and 19 as a Warrior, travel to Kerning City and undertake Nella's Quest. If you successfully complete all of her tasks, which includes finding a cat she dreamt about, Nella will reward you with level 20 Warrior Gloves and Venom.

Easy Money
This trick,while dangerous ,can earn 20.000Mesos on as little as an hour.Travel through the Dungeon to the Ant Hill at Sleepywood.Move east to discover a portal.Once inside the portal,u will find a person who refuses to take the available money,so go ahead and swipe it from them,but be careful.The entire region feature high-level Horny Mushroons and Zombie Mushrooms .