What Are the Benefits of Getting Married in "MapleStory"

mmonice Date: Jan/25/14 11:40:18 Views: 134

The online role-playing game "MapleStory" gives players the opportunity to enter lawfully wedded bliss. Several quests are required before players can undertake the actual marriage quest, "Amoria: Marriage." Besides possessing the right to travel the world beside your spouse and tell others about your marriage, marriage holds key benefits for players.


Quest Benefits
After marriage, couples receive the perk of engaging in the Amorian Tales storyline, a new party quest for married couples and a Jump Quest. According to the official MapleStory Amoria webpage, players can indulge in new quests for married couples regularly.

Wedding Ring Accessories
Each partner will receive a wedding ring that features upgrade slots and a star boost during battle. When the married partners are near each other, the rings' other special effects surface.

Engagement and Wedding Ring Perks
The Moonstone Ring and Star Gem offer 30 protection against magic attacks, while the Golden Hearts and Silver Swan offer 15 protection against magic attacks. Both the Moonstone Ring and Star Gem possess three upgrade slots. The Golden Hearts and Silver Swan rings offer two upgrade slots.

Players can marry in the White Wedding Chapel or the Cathedral. Players receive 15 invitations to give out to other players for the marriage ceremony.

Speak to Moony while in Amoria.Select the option that will dissolve your marriage .Players must wait a week before marrying again.The cost of a divorce is 500.000mesos.In comparison,wedding rings in Maple Story range from 5.000 to 30.000mesos.If the marriage dissolves,players lose their wedding rings and all of the assosiated perks of marriage .A new wedding ring must be made and the player must get married again to earn marriage perks.