What can you do to require the gold ore

mmonice Date: Nov/21/13 10:58:00 Views: 86

To require the runescape gold ore, in the first place, you must reach the level of 40, and it also grants 60 mining experience, then things can be move on. Thus, what can you do next?


As we know, runescape gold ore is a type of ore that can be obtained through mining gold rocks in various places throughout RuneScape. There are 168 gold rocks in this mine and you can use the ferrymen to take your gold ore to the bank, for a price of 6 gold ore.


Once the player has made some progress, they may use the watchtower just north of the ferryman as a shortcut to the bank rather than paying the gold for the ferryman to bank them. If the quest is not done, it can still be obtained from the dwarven mines. It is located just outside the mining guild, but it is a very unpopular place to get it because there are only two gold ore rocks.


Among the two mines, one of the better gold mines is located inside the Dungeoneering entrance at the Al Kharid mine. It requires 75 Dungeoneering to enter, and contains 11 gold rocks. A good place to mine gold for people who do not have these high levels is at the mine west of the town of Nardah. It has 5 gold ore rocks. Not many people use it and it is in the desert, so prepare accordingly. There is also a mine right next to Rimmington with two gold ore rocks and one north of Al Kharid, also with two gold ore rocks.