Where to Get the Cheap Maplestory Mesos

mmonice Date: Mar/27/14 10:05:26 Views: 350

Most of the maplestory players are kids and the Asian kids are the big part of it. The Maplestory game currency is called maplestory mesos, players are use the mesos to buy many items in the game to make their char more powerful, so all MS players want to get more mesos.

Maplestory is a browser-made version of the 2D perspective massively multiplayer online action role-playing game. Previously, CEO of Nexon America Daniel Kim stated that the company sees the social network site as a promising market for future Nexon products. In this day and age, gamers are seeing more and more free-to-play titles on a daily basis. Not all of these are for the casual market; hardcore-tailored shooters, like Firefall and Ghost Recon Online are currently in development by top-tier talent and studios, and they will be using the freemium method of distribution.

maplestory mesos

With the huge success of the Maple Story franchise on the PC, it's only logical for developer Nexon to spread it onto the facebook platform. The social network spin-off Maple Story Adventures looks to have been received well, with more than 1 million players within the two weeks of the game's open beta phase, according to a recent Nexon press release.

At this point, the app has 1,261,000 monthly active users. Other role-playing game franchises that have taken a turn into the social network space include BioWare's Dragon Age and Square Enix's Final Fantasy. Currently, the former has 352,330 monthly active users while the latter has 107,403 monthly active users.

Maplestory is not just huge in the PC gaming world; the franchise has an anime series that aired in 2007, a DS spin-off focused solely on single-player, a trading card game, two iOS spin-offs, and a Facebook equivalent that currently has 1,700,000 monthly active users since its inception this year.