Whether what you have ever thought proved truly in the Runescape

mmonice Date: Nov/23/13 14:21:50 Views: 83

As we know, there are varieties of items in the Runescape, and we have ever discussed some of them in the previous article. Thus it turns to the runescape gold cracker.


You must have known that the Golden cracker is an item which celebrates Jagex winning the Golden Joystick Award for UK Developer of the Year. On login, players received a message in their chatbox; we have given you a golden cracker in your bank to celebrate our Golden Joystick win! Use it on another player to open it. If the player's bank is full, or if they lose or destroy the runescape golden cracker, it can be reobtained from diango.


However, when you use it on another service, they receive a golden hammer. This is a fun item, which is wielded in the same fashion as a maul. If the hammer is misplaced somehow, one can obtain a replacement cracker from diango once again in order to obtain a new hammer.


A hot discussion starts in the public. And we are sharing some views with you. Someone showed his opinion that the golden cracker will never be worth any money in runescape because it won't ever be tradable. And the person who said in another answer that the cracker was once untradeable is mistaken - it was tradable when created and has always been tradable.


We have to take it in a major place that Jagex has said repeatedly that they do not intend to make any more discontinued tradable items. I don't think that they'll ever do anything to eliminate the existing tradable rare items, but it's clear that they think that it was a mistake to make those in the first place.