Which word became your preference in the Runescape

mmonice Date: Dec/10/13 11:16:23 Views: 77

In a couple of days ago, a discussion about the most common words in Runescape became the focus of the runescape fans. Thus, when it comes to you, what is the result


Through the picture from the forum we can be aware of that there are three words possess the first place, including game, people and time. Others like players, level, money, runescape also play a major role in the game. Items, days, years, skills, update, drop, combat, thanks, friends, jagex can be also easily seen in the picture, which seem stand for the characters of the Runescape.


Under the circumstance, views vary among the players. And following is some of them from the forum. Some kidding you would find out on the forum. They said, fuck and noob might be the top words. Another person replied like this, back in 2007 noob would probably win. Am I the only one who has been here more than one day that is a popular comment, or furthermore anything that advise someone is against the eoc?


Except for this, Evodius showed his opinion that I'm surprised we didn't get the whole sentence of, "EOC RUINED EVERYTHING FOREVER ERMAGERD." It might as well be one word. It would be delusional to think such comments, in the majority of threads, receive any up votes in this subreddit.