The Specifications of Diablo 3

mmonice Date: Feb/18/14 10:41:27 Views: 652

Blizzard is hard at work on "Diablo III," the much-anticipated sequel to 2000's hit game "Diablo II." As of November 2010, there is limited information available about the game, and Blizzard has not given any information about system requirements or specified a release date. However, Blizzard has given an overview of some new and some returning content as well as a few in-game features.


Confirmed Technical Specs
While certain technical specs for "Diablo III" have been declared by Blizzard, they are not guarantees; Blizzard might change any of them at any stage of development. Designers have stated the game will run using DirectX 9, not DirectX10. There will be a new graphics engine to bring full 3D environments, and Havok will power the in-game physics.Diablo 3 gold Multiplayer mode will of course require a broadband Internet connection or local area network.

Anticipated Technical Specs
Many fans have speculated about the PC system requirements based on Blizzard's recent release of "Starcraft II," but these are only fan-based speculations with no comment from Blizzard. "Starcraft II" minimum requirements are a 2.6-gigahertz Pentium IV (or an equivalent AMD processor), a 128-megabyte video card and 1 gigabyte of RAM (1.5GB for Vista and Windows 7 users). The recommended requirements for "Starcraft II" are a 2.4GHz dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM and a 512MB video card.

New Content
"Diablo III" will include four new classes: the Witch Doctor, the Wizard, the Monk and the Demon Hunter. The player will be able to enhance rare and magical items, not just basic items. There will also be three nonplayer character artisans who travel with the player that can sell and craft items. The game will feature class-specific quest lines for players in addition to standard side quests.

Updated Content
Blizzard has confirmed that the Barbarian class will be present in "Diablo III"; the other "Diablo II" classes will not be present. Potions will still be used in the game, but Blizzard has designed the game so that they play a less significant role due to spamming issues in "Diablo II." Multiplayer game play will be available over for both player-versus-player and cooperative modes. The game will include improved randomized events. Side quests will be present but will not appear in the quest log.