mmonice:Wildstar Blighthaven New Map and Reputation Acquired

mmonice Date: Jul/14/14 15:02:10 Views: 930

After the Wildstar Strain released, we finally can enter into the new map Blighthaven.What’s new characteristic of this map? Now, we are glad to introduce the new Blighthaven.


wildstar sigro


Frist Question: How could we enter into Blighthaven?
Before the map released, there is a big eye block the way on the right of Western Grimvault. Now, we can directly enter into this map through this way. As you can see in the picture.
Second Question: Is there any new something in Blighthaven?
New Wildstar Items and Mount


wildstar new items


In the new map, there are lots of purple items you can purchase through wildstar gold and all these items have excellent attributes! As for many players who want to get purple items, it would be a great choice! While, you should has 32000 reputations in this map to buy items.

If you are fond of these new mount,you can buy it from here, but the 100 Platinum for new mounts are extremely expensive!


wildstar new mounts


Next, there are some Costume equipment. That’s all cool!


wildstar constume equipment


In the new Blighthaven, all thing you want to buy need your reputation meet the requirement. How could we acquire Reputation?
In this map, there are some Group’s quest and Event quest. After you finished all, you can get Reputation.


wildstar blighthaven map


Although the official released new map in this update, we still feel there is no much new content. Hope next month there will be more amazing and attractive thing waiting for us!

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